What Is Hospitality Plumbing

Hospitality Plumbing sounds like such a vague term, but that’s because it’s so encompassing. It can range from simple kitchen plumbing for a local small town restaurant, or all of the plumbing work necessary for a large hotel. Any business that provides housing or entertainment requires hospitality plumbing. In the true spirit of hospitality, provide your guests with the best- especially when it comes to plumbing.

To get the best idea of what hospitality plumbing really is, let’s break it down. Here are a few examples of types of businesses and the hospitality plumbing they require:


The kitchen is easily the most important space. Every restaurant will be different. As a restaurant owner you should take as much effort into your plumbing plans as you do picking out the perfect appliances. Appliances alone can make for a big job; multiple sinks, garbage disposals, and dishwashers, just to name a few. And don’t forget, every restaurant needs restrooms for your guests.


Sinks galore! If I’m not mistaken, hair clogs may be a concern in this field of business. A great plumbing expert is all you need to make sure your business is well equipped.

Clubs & Bars:

Similar to restaurant plumbing, the kitchen is definitely your number one concern. Hospitality plumbing is just as important if your business has a full kitchen, or just serves from the bar.


When you hear hospitality business or hospitality plumbing your mind immediately goes to hotels. I dare you to find a business that requires more plumbing than a hotel. Not only is it a big job, but it has to be absolutely perfect. If you are staying at a hotel and you have a cold shower, your toilet doesn’t flush, the sink has an odor, and the pool is out of order: how fast will you be running to the exit? To show true, genuine hospitality, your business has to be properly piped.


The showers, pools, and saunas are a huge selling point. Your guests aren’t just coming to work out, but to work on themselves. We know you make sure your business has the best equipment, so make sure it has the best plumbing too.


When it comes to hospitality, plumbing is everything. If you are in the business of hospitality, you need hospitality plumbing. A Pro Plumbing is your go-to Idaho Falls plumber. We are ready to take on your project, large or small. Let us know the vision for your business and we will work with you to make that dream a reality. Our team is ready to become a part of yours. Contact us today and let’s get started!