What is a P-Trap

You know that u-shaped pipe underneath your sink? As artistic as it seems, it isn’t just for show. And it isn’t there to save you from loosing your wedding ring, either. The pipe is referred to as a p-trap and is there to save your life.


Function of a P-Trap

The p-trap is designed to prevent harmful gases from entering the air in your home. Odorous gases contained in sewers and plumbing drains rise up through the pipes of a toilet, sink, or drain. Gas naturally rises, we can’t change that. So instead we trap it and keep it safely contained.


How it Works

If you take a look under your sink you will see that u-shaped pipe clear as day. The design is not complex, but very efficient. Water stays trapped in that u-shape and only gets flushed or drained away from your home. The stagnant water will keep the gases from polluting your clean air.


Other Benefits

The p-trap is also designed to catch all your items that accidentally slip down the drain (isn’t that a nice bonus?). The trap protects you from big, expensive clogs by catching debris, hair and dust before they slip out of reach. The trap might also catch your wedding ring, but it’s probably best to keep your loose jewelry away from your sink.  If your water is draining slowly, it may be time to clean the trap. Cleaning the trap regularly is definitely a good idea. You can do this using a simple wash down drain cleaner, or more intensely by removing the pipe for a good scrub down.

Appearance is another added benefit. With the right material, those curvy, cute pipes can make a statement. The traps are usually made from PVC pipe or steel. Steel is the preferred choice for exposed plumbing.


We at A Pro Plumbing know how important it is to keep your family safe. When plumbing even as simple as a p-trap is installed incorrectly it can be hazardous for your home. To make sure your plumbing is in tip top shape request your appointment online today! We are happy to inspect your home and answer any questions that you might have.