Well, Well, Water Well Pump

Getting your water from a private well has its benefits, but with that comes responsibility. Similar to owning a home; now that you’ve got something that is all your own, you need to be the one to take care of it. Well pumps need just as much attention as all the other plumbing in your home. Often our plumbing falls victim to an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude. Don’t wait until you start having problems to give your water well pump some attention.

A lot of common plumbing symptoms result from a faulty well pump. Each symptom means something different when it comes to your pump. Here are the symptoms you should watch for and how to resolve them:


Dry Faucet

Turning on your faucet without result is no way to start your day. No water could mean a number of different things. First, check the power. If you’re lucky, a simple tripped breaker is your problem. Gotta have the power to pump. If power is not the issue, it could be a lack of water. This can be solved by giving the well a chance to replenish. Take it easy on your usage and see if the flow comes back. Lastly, this could mean a water pump has seen better days and needs replaced.


Sputter and Spit

A sputtering water flow tells you there is air in your plumbing. Air can enter into the pipes through cracks or breaks. A spitting faucet could also mean the water pump is struggling to function. Like all machinery, well pumps get tired, worn and can break down. As inconvenient as it may seem, everything has its expiration date.


Dirty Water

Crystal clear water is all we want to see. There are a lot of plumbing complications that could lead to discolored water, but when it comes to your well pump there are only a few. Dirty filters are the most common issue.  A lowered water table could also lead to muddy water. Change those filters, adjust the water table and be on your way.


Increased Expenses

If you see a sudden increase in your utility bill, blame the water well pump. If the pump isn’t functioning properly it will run overtime, all the time. The pump will wear itself down trying to get the job done. Replacing parts or repairing the pump could do the trick. However, a pump would also be working overtime if it is too small to take on the usage the home requires. If your pump is too small, upgrade to a bigger one to suit your needs.


A Pro Plumbing is the solution to all your water well pump needs. Your satisfaction and piece of mind is our top priority. We will get your pump back to working condition and help you to keep it that way. Give us a call today, or request your appointment online.