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Water Softeners in Idaho Falls, ID

The municipal water plant works to filter out the bad contaminants like bacteria, metals, and chemicals. However, there’s not much they can do when it comes to hard water. It’s not that hard water is dangerous—some health experts even think it’s beneficial for human health. But if you live in a home with hard water, you can see that it’s the source of many inconveniences—and that’s not even taking account the effect it can have on your plumbing system.

Whole house water softeners can remove this inconvenience by treating the hard water at the source, but it’s going to take an expert to install it properly. A Pro Plumbing Inc. only installs equipment with the best warranties and a track-record for success with residents of Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas. Give us a call and we’ll have a knowledgeable plumber on time and ready with a fully-stocked truck.

Contact us today to schedule an estimate for water softener systems. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority.

The Signs of Hard Water

Not sure if you have hard water? There are several recognizable signs. Until this point, you may have just lived with them without realizing it was due to hard water. For example:

  • A metallic taste in the water can indicate the presence of too much iron.
  • Crusty white buildup on plumbing fixtures will form due to scale, a deposit formed my magnesium and calcium.
  • Dry and itchy skin might be felt after a shower, as the minerals left behind can absorb moisture from your skin.
  • Soap scum on glasses and dishes, appearing as white spots, is often a result of calcium deposits.
  • Dull, scratchy clothing can result from the way that calcium and magnesium react with your laundry detergent.

"Minor inconvenience" doesn’t begin to describe the cumulative effects that hardwater can have on your home. Not only that, but hardwater deposits can build up inside your plumbing pipes, causing a range of issues like clogging and lowered water pressure. Fortunately, it can all be changed with the help of a water softener.

Water Softeners Need Maintenance and Repairs, Too

A water softener is an appliance like any other, and that means that it needs regular maintenance to continue operating properly. The most convenient option would be getting your whole house water softener checked annually as part of regular maintenance services. You can expect your water softener to serve you for many years to come when you allow our professional plumbers to perform regular maintenance on it.

Whole House Water Softeners in Idaho Falls, ID

If you think you need a water softener, get in touch with A Pro Plumbing Inc. and we’ll set you up with a water test. That will help us determine just how bad your hard water problem is and what kind of system you’ll need. You have nothing to worry about because we always offer upfront pricing and won’t start any work before we get your approval. You also won’t see us trying to tack on extra fees and prices after your initial estimate.

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