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Water Filtration Systems in Idaho Falls, ID

It may come as a surprise, but the municipal water treatment plant isn’t perfect. Sometimes the plant is too thorough, adding excessive amounts of chlorine and fluoride to the point that it can leave a bad taste in the water. At other times, it might not be enough to stop dangerously high levels of contaminants from reaching your home. When that time comes, you can depend on a home water filtration system.

For the best home water filtration systems, you can count on A Pro Plumbing Inc. We have enough experience with residents in Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas to know which water filters serve them best. We’ve been helping since 2001 and know what our customers like. When our highly-skilled plumbers arrive at your home, they’ll always come on time, ready to communicate, and with honest, upfront pricing.

Contact us today to schedule services for your home water filtration system. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority.

The Filtration Process

Whole house water filtration systems go through a 4-step process to give you the cleanest possible water. First, it must perform the "pre-filtering" process. This is where the particulates contaminants, and impurities larger than 5 microns are removed from the incoming water. In the second step, contaminants like chlorine are filtered out in order to remove bad odors and tastes. Now the water meets the charcoal filter, which will remove the smaller contaminants that were not captured by the pre-filter. The clean water can then move into your plumbing system while the wastewater is simultaneously removed from the system.

The type of charcoal filter used will depend on which specific contaminants and impurities are found in your water. The only way to know for sure is by having a certified plumber like those at A Pro Plumbing Inc. to perform a water test for you before committing to any particular water treatment system.

Water Filters Need Their Share of Maintenance, Too

A whole house water filter has the duty of supplying clean water to, well, the whole house! You can imagine how that might take a toll on these systems. Not only do you need it installed by an expert to ensure that it’s capable of performing the job, but it also means that you’ll need annual inspections and maintenance checks from a professional.

During your maintenance visit, we’ll ensure that all the filters are working like they’re supposed to. If there are any issues, we’ll replace them when necessary. If your water starts tasting or smelling strange before your annual maintenance check, you might need to bump that appointment back to get repairs.

Whole House Water Filtration System Experts in Idaho Falls

You have nothing to fear when you go with A Pro Plumbing Inc. for your whole house water filter services. We only use products with the best warranties, and that’s on top of our generous guarantees on parts and workmanship. Our knowledgeable technicians will arrive at your home, writeup a detailed estimate, and wait for your approval before starting any work.

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