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UV Water Purifiers in Idaho Falls, ID

Your average water filter is great for removing chemical and metal contaminants from your drinking water, but they can’t do anything about bacteria and harmful microorganisms. These living contaminants can be responsible for a host of negative health effects. They’ll need to be eliminated from the drinking supply so that they cannot reproduce, and ultraviolet water treatment is the way to achieve that.

We at A Pro Plumbing Inc. are a team of plumbers that prides themselves on being neat and clean. Likewise, we understand the importance of keeping your drinking water clean and healthy. We only install ultraviolet water treatment systems that are proven to work with our customers in Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas. Not only do we install products with the best warranties, but we put our own guarantee for workmanship and parts on top.

Contact us today to schedule an estimate for UV water treatment services. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority.

How Do UV Water Purifiers Work?

For humans, ultraviolet light typically cannot be seen, and it’s completely harmless. For microorganisms like germs and viruses, ultraviolet light is deadly radiation. UV water purifiers harness this power by shining a light on all the microorganisms that pass through. The light is enough to either kill or sterilize the germs, at the very least preventing them from reproducing at all. All the water that enters your home must go through this light first, effectively ridding your water supply of any potential germs.

Fortunately, ultraviolet water purifiers are one of the lowest-maintenance purifiers out there. The most important components is the UV light, itself, which will need to be replaced roughly every year before it burns out. We can also check to ensure that the light is still receiving adequate power. A proper installation helps assure it will work in the first place, but you can also depend on us to ensure it keeps working year after year.

Are Ultraviolet Water Purifiers Truly Necessary?

You might be wondering why a UV water purifier would be necessary if the municipal water plant already treats your water for you. First of all, even the municipal supply can have issues with water treatment, so you can’t always trust them 100%. Second, your water can still become contaminated after it leaves the water plant for a number of reasons. Everyone should have their water tested at least once every few years, or at the first sign of impure water.

If your water test proves positive for harmful microorganisms, you can be certain that you need to take action with a water purification system.

We’re Your Ultraviolet Water Treatment Experts in Idaho Falls, ID

If installing a UV water purifier were as easy as plugging in a lamp, we would happily allow you to do that. However, knowing how and where to install your purifier makes all the difference. Not only are our workmanship and products backed by a guarantee, but you can count on us at A Pro Plumbing Inc. to provide honest and fair pricing, completely upfront. Plus, we’ll never start work until we receive your approval.

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