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Water Treatment Systems in Idaho Falls, ID

It’s easy to take the quality of our drinking water for granted. After all, why wouldn’t you assume that the water running to your home is safe and healthy to drink? Even so, the municipal water treatment systems aren’t perfect. The water can even get contaminated after it leaves the treatment plant and before it reaches your home. Or, if you get your water from a well, you may already understand the importance of treating your water.

We at A Pro Plumbing Inc. think every homeowner can benefit from a water treatment system personalized for their needs. It all starts with a water test, and from there, we can help prescribe the right treatment systems if necessary. We’re a company whose core values are to be on time, communicative, and always honest and upfront about pricing.

Contact us today to schedule your water test. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority.

Always Start with a Water Test!

Imagine if you went to the doctor and told them you weren’t feeling well. Without any examination or further questioning, they immediately write you a prescription for a medication and send you on your way. Sound a little strange? It should, because writing a prescription without an examination is malpractice!

Yet, this is the same approach that many take with water treatment systems. They hear about all the benefits and are convinced that they, too, need water treatment systems. While we are happy to install a number of systems for you, we can’t do it without performing water testing.

A proper water test will show us the contaminants in your water so that we can prescribe the right combination of water treatment solutions.

Which Water Treatment System is Right for You?

After a water test, we’ll be able to understand which water treatment system is best. Some contaminants, like certain metals, are safe in small enough concentrations. Meanwhile, others like bacteria and microbes will need to be eliminated without question. We offer a range of water treatment systems to cover the needs of Idaho Falls residents:

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: These systems are highly effective at removing any harmful substances from your water.
  • UV Water Purifiers: If your water is contaminated with harmful microorganisms, you’ll need to expose them to water purifiers equipped with ultraviolet lights.
  • Water Filtration Systems: For every type of contaminant in your water, there’s a combination of water filters that can eliminate them. We can help configure your water filtration system with compatible filters.
  • Water Softeners: When homes have too much hard water, it can negatively affect their plumbing, their dishes and utensils, and create several inconveniences. Luckily, they can be eliminated with a water softener.

We’ll Find Your Water Treatment Solution in Idaho Falls

There are many types of water treatment systems out there, and from a variety of manufacturers, but we only install the ones that have proven to be the best for our customers. Typically, that means ones with the best warranties, so we can rest assured that your water treatment system stands the test of time. Schedule your water test with A Pro Plumbing Inc. today and we’ll be on our way to finding the right systems for you. 

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