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Heat Pump Water Heaters in Idaho Falls, ID

Water heaters come in more selections than just “tank” or “no tank.” While the natural gas fueled water heater is standard for most homes, not every home is “most homes.” It turns out, many can achieve significant savings and benefits from the unique fueling option provided by a heat pump water heater.

A Pro Plumbing Inc. has several years of experience in installing water heaters, including heat pump water heaters—also referred to as hybrid water heaters. Not only that, but we only install equipment with the best warranties. We’ve served residents of Idaho Falls since 2001, so we know which products have made the best impact on their lives. Whether you’re looking for a water heater installation or just some repairs, give us a call and we’ll send over one of our licensed and certified plumbers.

Contact us today to schedule an estimate for heat pump water heater installation. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority.

What’s So Special About a Heat Pump Water Heater?

Your normal water heater is going to use combustion or electrical resistance to create heat. As for a heat pump water heater, they don’t exactly "create" heat, and that’s what makes all the difference. Instead, they pull warmth from the air and transfer it into the tank. Even when it’s cold outside, there’s still plenty of warmth for the system to work with.

These water heaters use electricity, but since this method of heating is less energy-intensive than generating heat from fuel, it’s more efficient than a standard electrical water heater. If a heat pump water heater had to be compared to any water heater, it’s closest to the tank water heater, since it uses a storage tank to heat water before disturbing it through the home.

Professional Installation is Essential

Since hybrid water heaters operate somewhat like storage tank water heaters, it means they’ll need to be sized properly to ensure the most effective and efficient performance. A tank that’s too small can run out of water sooner than expected, and a tank that’s too big can waste energy through standby heat loss. Since heat pump water heaters are all about boosting your performance, it pays to have it installed right the first time with a professional from A Pro Plumbing Inc.

All Water Heaters Need Repairs

No matter what kind of water heater you have, no matter how high-tech it is, they’ll all struggle against constant exposure to water. Water will break down all things, including water heaters. This is why annual maintenance and repairs is a must.

The inside of a water heater tank will gradually deteriorate due to constant exposure to corrosion-causing minerals. Meanwhile, sediments that are separate from the water as it’s heated will sink to the bottom of the tank, causing efficiency issues. There’s also the plumbing outside of the tank to consider, such as temperature and pressure valves and pipe fittings.

For any of your water heater repair needs, A Pro Plumbing Inc. has a team of highly-skilled plumbers in Idaho Falls that can rush over to help. Contact us today and we’ll find out how we can help.

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