Washing Machine Plumbing Problems

The last thing you want this summer is an overflowing washing machine. You should be outside enjoying the beautiful weather! With all the great outdoor adventures of summer, our washing machines get overworked. If your washing machine isn’t running properly, here are a few common problems you could check for.


Lid Switch

Sometimes, the problem is a lot simpler than we assume. The switch on the lid of washing machines breaks all the time. This will cause the machine to not run through the cycle properly, or not start at all. Don’t jump to conclusions if your machine won’t start. No need to replace the entire thing over a simple switch. Just open the lid and do a little investigating.

Draining System

Problems with a washing machine’s draining system are very common. There could be clogs or kinks in the drain hoses, or even clogs in the plumbing pipes. Clogs are most frequently caused by fibers that shed from linens and collect in the drain hoses. It is also possible that a small piece of clothing like a sock could slip through and cause an immediate clog. I know I’m not the only one that mysteriously loses socks.

If there is something wrong with the draining system you will hear the pump operating, but the water won’t drain. After shutting off the water and disconnecting the power, you can check your drain hoses. You should be able to remove clogs if necessary, but if the hoses have become old and worn down, it is best to replace them.

Drain Pump

The drain pump could also be the source of your washing machine troubles. The pump can become clogged as well. It is also possible that the pump has failed. Once you locate your pump, you can remove the cover and check for any clogs. If there are no obvious clogs, try cleaning the filter. If that still doesn’t work, you may need to replace the pump all together.

Drive Belt

The drive belt is located on the motor of the washing machine. The belt operates the drain pump. A loose or broken belt would cause draining problems for your machine. Fixing or replacing a drive belt may require the hands of a professional. If you suspect this could be your issue, best to call in the pros to take a look.


Washing machine problems aren’t always easy to diagnose. Let the experienced plumbers at A Pro Plumbing give you a hand so you can get back to your summer fun. We proudly serve the Idaho Falls area for all of your plumbing needs.  Request your appointment online today!