The Ultimate Guide of Drain Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Plumber cleaning drain in bathroom with cable

Chances are that, unless you have just recently moved into a brand-spankin’ new house, you most likely have already experienced, or will experience issues with your plumbing system in the future. Over the years, your drain collects tidbits of hair, toothpaste, soap scum, and all kinds of other particles from your showers and sinks. All of that builds up and causes your drain to clog. This article outlines some practical tips from A-Pro Plumbing for how you should take care of your drain cleaning.

Definitely, DO NOT:

  • Purchase a drain cleaner from your local hardware store. These types of drain cleaners are only helpful in instances where the drain isn’t very clogged. This means that you have to catch the clog early, otherwise they won’t help and will only be a waste of money. Some of these drain cleaners might possibly help for a quick fix, but only for the short time frame of a day or two. They won’t address the cause of the problem.
  • Run hot water and vinegar down your drains. This old home tip actually works, but it isn’t a great way to go. Running vinegar and hot water through your drains will break down the build-up and does solve the problem, but in the process, it will also damage your system’s pipes. As a result, you will spend tons of money repairing and replacing parts of your system down the road.
  • Attempt drain cleaning by yourself. It can be seriously dangerous. A long steel cable used to clear out your drain is called a snake. If the snake is coiled incorrectly, it could snap and cut anything in near it, including you! If you have not used a drain snake before, we definitely DO NOT recommend doing this alone.
  • Pour acidic cleaners down your drain. Acid drain cleaners need to be avoided at all times and costs, as they may cause severe internal damage to your pipes, but they can also possibly result in painful burns or severe injury to your or member of your household. Many other substances like disinfectants, paint, and solvents can have similar effects and should also be avoided.

Always be careful and if you are ever in doubt, contact your professional plumbers at A-Pro Plumbing.

Instead, DO:

  • Get your drain cleaned professionally. Having your drain snaked may be the best option for clearing away any small particles and debris that could cause clogging in your drain. We don’t want to see any of our valued customers hurt while trying to clean their drains, let us take care of that for you. Contact us at A-Pro plumbing and we will come snake out your drains. You can trust us to do it right the first time, and make sure to prevent the same issue occurring again.
  • Jet out your sewer lines. In certain cases, the problem may not be in the actual drain lines, but instead, it might be in the sewer lines. If that’s it then it is best to have these sewer lines jetted out by a professional.