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Plumbing Services in Firth, ID

Whether you need leaky pipe replaced or a complete remodel of your bathroom or kitchen, there are few you can trust other than a qualified Firth, ID plumber. A Pro Plumbing Inc. is a HomeAdvisor screened and approved plumber that is more than capable of taking on your biggest (or smallest) plumbing needs. All our workmanship and parts are guaranteed in order to give you 100% satisfaction in all of our services. You can depend on our knowledgeable plumbers to show up neat and clean and on time, always ready to do the job.

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24 Hour Emergency Plumber

What qualifies as a plumbing emergency? Any plumbing issue that, if prolonged, will cause damage, serious financial burden, or a danger to the inhabitants of your home. Likewise, we’ll also accept "any problem that appears at the worst possible time." We’re available all day, every day, and at any time to handle your emergency plumbing requests. Our respectful and highly-skilled plumbers will be on the way in a truck fully-stocked with all the tools they could possibly need.

Drain Cleaning

You’d be surprised at just how dirty your drains can get. Dirty drains can become a perfect breeding ground for clogs and smelly colonies of bacteria. Unclogging a stuck drain is one thing, but we mean cleaning. We use tools like the hydro-jet to blast highly-pressurized hot water through your drains, removing years-worth of grime within minutes. Plus, if needed, it can blast away any clogs, whether it’s trapped food or underground tree roots.

Water Heater Services

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that tank water heaters are the only kinds of water heaters out there. But it may turn out that your home could benefit from a tankless, heat pump, or solar water heater. We can help you find out with a thorough assessment of your home and your needs. We’re also available for any water heater repair services, including maintenance and emergency replacements.

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

Whether it’s the faucets in the sinks or the pipes behind the walls, kitchen and bathroom remodeling has several different aspects to consider. If you don’t get them all right, you might end up with some incompatible pieces or a system that doesn’t operate like it’s supposed to. You can count on A Pro Plumbing Inc. to help with your bathroom and kitchen remodeling, from drafting the designs to adding the finishing touches.

Commercial Plumbing

No hot water in your business? That could mean having to lose profits until you get it back up and running. For a commercial setting in Firth, ID-whether that’s a restaurant or any other kind of business-you can’t accept anything less than a water heater that’s able to withstand the demand of your business. To ensure you get the quality of service that you need for your business, you need a commercial plumber to handle the job for you.

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