Rusty Plumbing Mishaps

When you turn on your sink, you expect to see crystal clear water flowing at the perfect pressure. If that water is even slightly discolored, all sorts of alarms start going off in your brain. Even if the water is clear and you take a look under the sink and see orange, rusty plumbing you are bound to be concerned. And you should be. Rust is a sign of corrosion. Make sure you know what kind of plumbing you have in your home so you can be on the lookout for signs of trouble.


Where You Find Rusty Plumbing

Older homes have so much character and spunk. But if not updated, they could have rusty plumbing. Newer homes use plastic materials for plumbing to avoid rust and other mishaps. However, in older homes it was standard to use galvanized and cast iron pipes for the main plumbing. These materials are strong, but they are susceptible to rust over time. If you have galvanized or cast iron pipes, don’t panic. Just make sure to be aware of the current state of your plumbing.

Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized pipes are tricky because they rust from the inside, out. The rust is only visible once the corrosion has become so bad it has worn a hole through the pipe. Once you are able to see the problem, the pipe is compromised and will need to be replaced. You might actually notice a decrease in water pressure before you see any rust. There are temporary repairs to get you by, but it is best to just have the pipe replaced as soon as possible.

Cast Iron Pipes

Risk of rust goes hand in hand with the risk of cracking. If there is a weak point in the pipe that cracks, rust is bound to occur. Once cracked, the corrosion will only continue. So once again in this situation, rusty plumbing means you are looking at total pipe replacement. The take away here is that noticeable rust, is a notable problem.

Rust In Water

Seeing rust in your water might just be the worst part of all of this. Although, it is possible that rust in the water means a more simple repair. Brown water could be a sign of a rusted water supply pipe, but it is also a sign of buildup in the water heater. If rust builds up in your water heater, a simple drain and flush of the tank could solve all your problems. So before you panic at the unsightly water remember no matter the problem, there is a solution.


At A Pro Plumbing we know how stressful plumbing mishaps can be. We are happy to help repair and replace all your rusty plumbing. Our trusted technicians will inspect your pipe lines to look for any problems great or small. We offer free estimates and are committed to help you make the best decision for you and your family. Request an appointment today for your inspection.