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Repiping in Idaho Falls, ID

When it comes to plumbing pipes, you may have heard phrases like “patch up a leak.” In truth, the only time you would patch up a leak is as a temporary solution until you can have the pipe replaced. Pipe replacement, or repiping, is the most effective form of pipe repair and drain repair that you can have performed.

Whether you need a quick pipe repair or an entire whole house repiping, A Pro Plumbing Inc. is your company for the job. We’ve been serving Idaho Falls, ID and the surrounding areas since 2001, providing a full-range of plumbing services. We only perform pipe installation and replacement with materials that have been proven to satisfy our customer’s needs, and you can count that installation being performed by a highly-skilled technician.

Contact us today if you need pipe repair or repiping services. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority.

When Would I Need Repiping?

In addition to the occasional plumping pipe or drain repair, repiping is also needed when several lines of plumbing are suffering from a repair issue. In extreme cases, it can lead to an entire whole house repiping. Some common causes include:

  • Frequent leaks: As your pipes begin to age, they will gradually accumulate leaks due to corrosion. If you’ve been getting several leaks in a short period of time, it might be time for a thorough repiping.
  • Outdated piping: Pipes made of lead, galvanized steel, or other outdated materials can be highly hazardous to your health. Repiping is a necessity in these cases.
  • Hard water buildup: High concentrations of magnesium and calcium—better known as hard water—can build up in the joints of your pipes and restrict water flow until they’re replaced.

The signs of these issues include symptoms like lowered water pressure, higher water bills, discolored or strange-tasting water. If you know or suspect that you need repiping, don’t hesitate to call A Pro Plumbing Inc. to ask for our professional opinion.

Count on a Professional for Big and Small Repiping Jobs

Replacing a drain under the kitchen sink is a challenge that many homeowners will welcome. When it comes to a real repiping, however, it pays to count on a professional.

First, we’ll help you by assessing the extent of the damage. If your pipe is leaking due to age, we can find that out and then inspect the rest of the system for the same problem. Then, we’ll need to use the right materials to fix the leak. There are several types of piping available, and each one best suited to a particular scenario. Figuring all this out for you is part of ensuring that you won’t run into this same problem again.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a single pipe or all the pipes in the home: you’ll find the most satisfaction by counting on our experts from the very beginning.

Your Pipe Installation and Repair Experts in Idaho Falls, ID

We can talk all day about the qualifications of our staff, but we’ll save it and tell you about what matters most: the guarantees on our workmanship and parts. We’re a reputable plumbing company known throughout Idaho Falls, so you can believe us when we say that ensuring your 100% satisfaction is key to keeping us in business. We don’t sleep at night if you receive anything less than our best work!

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