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Main Water Line in Idaho Falls, ID

Every pipe in your plumbing system has an important role, but we can argue that there’s one set of pipes that really takes priority: your main water line. Without it, there wouldn’t be any water for your plumbing system to use in the first place. That’s why you need your main water line serviced at the very first sign of damage.

A Pro Plumbing Inc. has been providing all manner of plumbing services to Idaho Falls, ID residents since 2001, including water line repair and replacement. Although you can wait for an appointment, we also offer 24/7 emergency services in case you need your main water line repairs done sooner than later. We’ll send over our most highly-skilled, neat, and clean plumbers over to your home with a truck full of tools and parts. Our goal is to get the job done so that it doesn’t happen again.

Contact us today if you need main water line repair or replacement services. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority.

Signs It’s Time for a Main Water Line Inspection

Your main water line runs underneath your home. So how exactly are you supposed to know when it needs repair or replacement? There are more than a few signs that can alert you of the possibility. However, you’ll need to act on them quick so that they don’t incur more expenses or damages:

  • Low water pressure, indicating a leak.
  • Higher water bill due to the cost of wasted water.
  • A wet spot in the yard, meaning there’s a leak beneath the ground.
  • Cracks appearing in your floors.

If you notice any of these signs, start by turning the main water line shutoff valve. After that—or if you need help finding the valve—give us a call and we’ll tell you how to proceed.

Water Line Repair and Replacement

Due to the nature of main water lines, you’re going to need a professional for your water line replacement or repair services. These pipes run underground, beneath your home and through the length of your property—you won’t be able to reach them without the proper tools and skillsets. At the least, you can avoid having to dig multiple, unsightly holes across your yard.

When A Pro Plumbing Inc. performs a plumbing service for your home, we ensure that it is done the first time and that it’s not going to happen again. We don’t believe in the "get in and get out" work ethic that you may find in other plumbers or from handymen. Likewise, we’ll get to the bottom of your main water line replacement or repair issues.

Water Line Experts in Idaho Falls, ID

The main water line is your vital supply line of potable water, necessary for drinking, cleaning, and for your fixtures. You can depend on our punctual and knowledgeable plumbers to arrive at your home to provide you with upfront pricing and expectations of the job. We stand behind the work of our plumbers with guarantees on our workmanship and parts—we’ll always do the job right.

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