Plumbing Your Way to Energy Efficiency

Defective faucet. Water Waste

We often don’t realize how wasteful our lifestyles can be. Some habits are hard to break, but doing so could be saving you on supply and energy. There are always ways you can decrease that pesky energy bill, and these plumbing tips can help you do exactly that!

Stop Running the Tap

This is probably one of the biggest habits too many of us struggle to break. I know I have been guilty of running water the entire time I brush my teeth. I even catch myself leaving the kitchen sink running while I load my dishwasher, even after I’ve already rinsed every dish. I don’t know if it’s simply the issue of a busy, forgetful mind or that we don’t grasp what we are really throwing away.

Find All the Leaks

Not all leaks are obvious. Pay attention to your water meter when water is not in use to see if your home could have some sneaky leaks. Having a plumber come for an inspection is also a good thing to do periodically just to make sure everything is in order. Even just a dripping tap can waste gallons of water a day. It is worth your while to make the necessary repairs.

Only Flush What’s Necessary

Flushing is meant for toilet paper and human waste only. Even paper items like tissues or baby wipes are not dissolvable and will be detrimental to your plumbing. Just when you thought trash and waste were one in the same.

Clear the Hair

It seems so hard to control. No matter what we do some hair will enter our drains. To keep that amount to a minimum, try brushing out your hair (not over the sink) before taking a shower. This will help remove most of the hairs that would shed off during your shampoo rinse.

Tend to your Toilet

A quiet toilet is a happy toilet. Make sure to take a listen. If your toilet is making gurgling sounds it could be signs of a draining issue that a plumber will need to address. Toilets are also sneaky leakers. To check for toilet leaks try adding food coloring to the water. After about 10 minutes you should be able to tell if there is a leak that needs to be repaired.

Fats and Oils are for Cooking

Do your best to keep fats and oils away from your drains. Fats and oils are the absolute worst for drain clogging. Try keeping your cooking grease in jars to be disposed of properly and wipe down pots and pans with paper towels before washing them in the sink.

Opt for Lower Pressure Shower Head

As nice as a strong pressure shower can be, you would be surprised at how much water it really wastes. The lower pressure heads can make you take longer showers, but it still ends up saving you a ton. It may be a luxury to sacrifice but it could save you a lot on your energy bill.

Regularly Clean Drains

Don’t wait for clogged or a slowed draining process to flush out your pipes. Regularly add your choice of drain cleaner to keep things working smoothly.

Your local Idaho Falls plumbers at A Pro Plumbing will gladly help you with inspection, cleaning, and repair. We want to help you keep your plumbing running smoothly and efficiently. Contact us to let us know how we can help or request an appointment online!