Plumbing Insulation: Winterize Your Home

You would think you only need to winterize temporary homes; like camp trailers that are going to sit unused all winter. The truth is, even your home needs extra protection before winter hits. Frozen pipes are not only an inconvenience, but a disaster waiting to happen. Before winter hits,(and hits hard) stock up on some trendy sweaters and educate yourself on proper plumbing insulation.


Winter Is Coming

Flooding is not specific to summertime. Burst pipes flood homes all year long. A frozen pipe can burst leading to a major home disaster. You might think your home is protecting all your plumbing from the harsh weather, but an extra layer of protection could be necessary. Not all interior plumbing will be affected by the storms brewing outside. Make sure you know which pipes need protected.

Susceptible Pipes

Pipes are most susceptible to the weather if they are

  • Running along an exterior wall
  • In an unheated area of the home (garage, crawl space, attic, etc.)


Other Reasons to Insulate

Idaho living makes protecting our home from winter a big priority, but there are other benefits to insulating pipe.

  1. Reduce energy costs: pipes that run hot water lose a lot of heat from point A to point B. Insulating hot water pipes conserves the heat. You spend less time waiting for heated water; you save heat, water, and energy.
  2. Prevent unwanted moisture: cold water pipes tend to produce condensation. This moisture can lead to bigger problems like mold. Nobody wants to deal with a mold problem, I can assure you. Insulating these pipes will reduce and prevent the condensation, and save you the worry.


Plumbing Insulation Methods

Wrap Insulation

There are many different materials available to wrap your pipes. Most of them are backed with an adhesive making installation quick and painless. Simply wrap your pipes with your the insulation tape of choice. Make sure to leave nothing exposed. This method works best for smaller sections of pipes, or pipes with lots of bends.

Tubular Insulation

For longer stretches of pipe, tubular plumbing insulation is ideal. These 6 foot sleeves slide right over your pipe. The tubes are slit down the side so they can be put into place quickly. They just need some form of adhesive to hold them in place. Tubular pipe insulation is made in several diameters to perfectly fit each pipe.


A Pro Plumbing is here to help you prep for the dreaded Idaho winter. We are more than happy to complete a total plumbing inspection of your home to make sure you are 100% ready for the change of season. Contact us for everything you need to winterize your plumbing. Request your appointment online, or simply give us a call!