Do You Have To Jiggle the Handle To Get Your Toilet To Stop Running

Does your toilet constantly run? Do you have to constantly hold down the handle to flush your toilet? If so, it is probably your toilet flapper that is the problem. We will cover the problem, the solution, and a conclusion. Let’s fix it!

The Problem

When you flush your toilet, the toilet handle pulls on a chain that is attached the toilet flapper. The toilet flapper is lifted and the water in the tank is then drained from the tank into the toilet and causes the toilet to flush waste from the bowl into the sewer. After the water leaves the tank the flapper closes and allows the tank to refill for the next flush.

When you have to hold the handle down, or even jiggle it, to get it to stop running it is is because the toilet flapper is not floating properly or sealing properly. This causes you to have to stand there and jiggle the handle or hold the toilet handle down to flush your toilet and get it to stop running.

The Solution

Toilet flappers are made from rubber and it degrades over time. It can also degrade faster if the water in your home is mineral rich. The degradation of the rubber toilet flapper causes it to lose some of its floatation ability. In order to fix this issue, the toilet flapper will need to be replaced.

The following steps will guide you in replacing the toilet flapper in your toilet:

  1. Turn the main water to your toilet off (this valve can generally be found behind your toilet by the wall).
  2. Pull the lid off of the back of your toilet and flush your toilet. Hold the handle down and make sure all the water has left the tank.
  3. Remove the toilet flapper (you can follow the instructions on the new toilet flapper package you bought).
  4. Before replacing the old toilet flapper with the new toilet flapper, make sure to clean the outlet valve (the hole where the water leaves the tank) with a paper towel to remove any buildup on the rim where the toilet flapper seals.
  5. Install the new toilet flapper and adjust the chain length from your handle to the toilet flapper to the recommended length (you want as little slack as possible but not too tight that the flapper does not seal).
  6. Now you are ready to turn the main toilet valve back on and flush the toilet (if the chain still needs adjusting you can adjust it with water in the tank).

We hope you found this short do-it-yourself explanation of how to fix a toilet that requires you to hold the handle down to flush. At A Pro Plumbing, we specialize in residential and commercial plumbing. If you need assistance with plumbing in your home or your business in Eastern Idaho, contact us anytime, even in an emergency. We are A PRO.

The video below will help you replace the flapper in your toilet.