Getting Changes in Water Pressure?

How’s the water pressure in your home? Is it time to do something about it? If you flush the toilet and it impacts your shower water pressure, if you have leaky pipes, if you have plugged up faucets and shower heads, or your water is brownish, or orangeish, or some other color as it comes out of your spigot we can help, we can offer you a no obligation free estimate to repipe your house.

There can be many reason why your water pressure is low. Here is a few reasons.

1. Faulty Fixtures. Faulty fixtures is the number one reason why your pressure may be down. With time your fixtures will get clogged by rust, limestone or dirt.
2. Water Valve Issues. Your homes’s water flow is controlled by two shut-off valves. One of them is the water meter on the street and the other on the side of your house.
3. Clogged Water Pipes. If the valves are both fully open, then clogged pipes are a strong possibility. This generally happens only after a long while, so if you have an older home that will likely be the case.
4. Failing Pressure Regulator. If your plumbing is equipped with a pressure regulator, its failure might be the cause for your discomfort. This malfunction goes both ways: either you get too much water pressure, or none at all. The lack of a middle ground is a clear telltale sign of a defective pressure regulator.

Whatever the problems is A Pro Pluming can diagnose the issue to make your water pressure consistent and strong. We have years of experience working with the copper, metal, and poly piping used in your home, it will surprise you how easy it can be with minimal damage to your walls and flooring, we can even patch and repair your sheetrock we may have to cut open.
A Pro Plumbing has the expertise and knowledge to help solve your water supply issues in your home and can offer financing OAC, please call us today for your free estimate!