Drain Cleaning Services Explained

Drain Cleaning

Regularly using drain cleaning products can be great to help prevent blockage, but it doesn’t always do the trick. Periodically, every drain will need a good, professional cleaning to keep things running smoothly. You shouldn’t wait until a clog interrupts your everyday life. Buildups in drains can occur slowly and clearing it before it clogs can save you a lot of stress.

Use of products and plunging sadly won’t always do the trick. The professional cleaning process really sets itself apart with the inspection, clog/buildup removal, and repair of the line.


Before any drastic measures are taken, a plumber will do a thorough assessment of the drain line. Involving cameras that can be fed down the drain, the pro will be able to diagnose any problems with the line. It is helpful to know where buildup has occurred and what it is made of. With a proper diagnosis, your trusted plumber can then use proven methods to release the clog or buildup and get your drains flushing like new.


There are a few different processes for removal of a clog. While at home we tend to just use aggressive plunging and chemicals, the professionals come in with the big guns. For drain cleaning, the method is usually snaking or hydro jetting. Each have promising results that are best executed by a trained hand.

Snaking the drain:

A drain snake is a long thin cable that can be fed through the toilet or other drains to feed down the pipes. With a pointed end attachment, the snake can break up any clogs in its path. There are hand cranked, or motor operated options. Snaking is a quick and easy way to release a clog. Many homeowners use this method themselves, but keep in mind that with such heavy duty equipment you could scratch or damage your toilet and drain line if not using proper technique.


This is exactly what it sounds like, a strong force of water to flush through your drain lines. Hydro-jetting is great for stubborn, recurring buildups. Recurring buildups are often caused by hard water or grease. These substances can stubbornly stick to the sides of the line catching debris with each flush and lead to clog after clog. Periodic professional cleaning is the best way you can keep your drains clog free.


Drain line clogs can lead to serious damage to the pipes. Having a professional take a look can save you from a burst pipe. The plumbers eye is trained to see any looming problems during the inspection portion of the process. If your lines need repair or replacement, its best to catch it before it’s too late!

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