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Sewer Lines & Trenchless Services in Idaho Falls, ID

There’s nothing like a sewer line problem to get you enthusiastic about plumbing repairs! The sewer line is responsible for carrying all the waste water out of your home, so when the line is in need of repair, the problem is most likely going to be just as bad as you can imagine. Leaking sewer waste is never a good thing, and certainly not when under your home or on your property.

Whether you need sewer repairs or a complete sewer line replacement, A Pro Plumbing Inc. won’t shy away from the job, no matter how dirty it gets. We’re also available for 24/7 emergency services, so don’t hesitate to have your sewer line repaired as soon as the problem arises—it’s not something you want to wait for. Get in touch with us today and we’ll have a highly-skilled plumber on the way with a fully-stocked truck, ready to fix your sewer line problems for good. You can count on it with our workmanship and parts guarantee.

Contact us today if you need urgent sewer line replacement and repair services. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority.

Signs Your Sewer Line Has a Problem

Sewer lines are conveniently buried underground (after all, who wants a pipe full of waste above the ground?). The downside is that this makes it difficult to spot just when a sewer line problem has occurred in the first place. It’s not unusual for sewer line problems to persist for many days before being discovered. The signs to watch out for include:

  • The unmistakable odor of sewer gasses in your home or around your property.
  • Lush, green grass in your yard. This indicates a spot that has been fertilized by a sewer pipe leak.
  • The line has become clogged from the wrong type of waste or from tree roots infiltrating the line through cracks.

The reason you’d have a sewer line problem in the first place is typically due to the age and material of the pipes. Older piping just doesn’t have the same lifespan of modern choices like copper and plastic. In other cases, sewer lines may burst due to the weight of shifting soil.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement to the Rescue

Since sewer lines are buried beneath the ground, how does a plumber go about replacing the entire line? It used to be complicated, labor-intensive, and time consuming. Every piece of the pipe would need to be dug up and replaced.

But nowadays, using the best in plumbing technology, we use trenchless sewer line replacement to replace the line, and it only requires digging up two holes. Trenchless sewer line replacement is still no small task, and it requires the necessary machinery that only a plumber is licensed to use, but we can assure you that the job will take less time and won’t leave ugly scars across your lawn.

Sewer Pipe Repair Experts in Idaho Falls, ID

When you need a sewer pipe repaired, you need it to stay repaired. A Pro Plumbing Inc. performs every job with the intention of keeping your system fixed. After all, we can’t sleep at night if we have any reason to believe that our repairs won’t last. That’s why we only buy products with the best warranties and offer our own guarantees on workmanship and parts.

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