Water Quality in East Idaho

The soil here is Eastern Idaho is Amazing! The fertile rich soil is the perfect blend of minerals and nutrients to produce our world famous Idaho Potatoes! The minerals in the ground unfortunately make their way into our water supply, whether you get your water from a city supply or a well these minerals make our water hard. Hard water … Read More

Getting Changes in Water Pressure?

How’s the water pressure in your home? Is it time to do something about it? If you flush the toilet and it impacts your shower water pressure, if you have leaky pipes, if you have plugged up faucets and shower heads, or your water is brownish, or orangeish, or some other color as it comes out of your spigot we … Read More

What Is Hospitality Plumbing

Hospitality Plumbing sounds like such a vague term, but that’s because it’s so encompassing. It can range from simple kitchen plumbing for a local small town restaurant, or all of the plumbing work necessary for a large hotel. Any business that provides housing or entertainment requires hospitality plumbing. In the true spirit of hospitality, provide your guests with the best- … Read More