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“Do I Need Drain Line Cleaning?”

Is the drain or sewer line in your home giving you trouble? Are you wondering if it’s time to call a professional about drain line cleaning services? This is a pretty common process among homeowners. Your plumbing system is one of those household systems that largely out of sight and out of mind. It’s also not a system that you’ve probably done extensive amounts of research on. After all, how you use your sink, shower, or toilet is pretty self-explanatory.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need service for your drains it’s always a great idea to call a professional. Don’t lull yourself into a false sense of security just because your plumbing system seems simple from your vantage point. It’s a complex system that needs professional care.

You Need Drain Cleaning If…

It’s not always easy to tell if you need drain cleaning services. Here a few clear signs that you should call a professional plumber.

  • Frequent Clogging: Do you feel like you’re always calling up a plumber to unclog a drain? It’s not all in your head. Toilet clogs and sink drain clogs are a small nuisance but a symptom of a bigger issue. If you’re getting clogs multiple times a year or if multiple fixtures in your home tend to clog then it’s time for you get a complete drain line cleaning from a professional.
  • Slow Moving Drains: Does it take ages for your sink to empty after you’re brushing your teeth? Are there inches of standing water in your shower for ages after you’re done washing up? These are clear signs that your drains have seen better days. You don’t want to let problems like this exist in your home because they only get worse.
  • Bad Smells: Do you notice that your sink or drain line smells like sewage? If you catch a whiff of something foul while you’re washing your hands above the sink then it’s time for you to call a plumbing professional. You might think that this is a problem that you can learn to deal with but it’s really something that will quickly lead to the decline of your drain and sewer system.
  • Water Back Up: Do you ever hear the water in your shower drain or sink bubble when you flush the toilet? This means you have back up (excess air in your drainage system) and that you need to call a professional from our team sooner than later.

Steer Clear of Store-Bought Drain Cleaner

Now when you’re confronted with the word “drain cleaning” your next thought might be about store-bought chemical drain cleaners. We understand this thought process. Store-bought drain cleaners are cheap, accessible, and fast. The one thing that they aren’t though is effective. A drain cleaner like this is horrible for the quality of your drain because they’re caustic. They’re much more likely to eat through your pipe than they are to effectively eat through your clog. Instead of taking this route in your home make sure you contact a professional from our team. Our services are worthwhile and cost-effective.

Is it time for you to call our professional team for drain line cleaning in Idaho Falls, ID? Contact our team at A Pro Plumbing Inc. today to schedule an appointment.

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