Early Signs of Main Sewer Line Clog

Unclogging septic system. Cleaning and unblocking drain full of disposable wipes and other non biodegradable items.

Our main sewer line takes waste water away from our homes and into the underground sewer mains. We rely on our sewer lines greatly but don’t often give them a second thought. Out of sight, out of mind. It is just something that we expect to happen. You never think a main sewer line clog will happen to you, are … Read More

Plumbing Your Way to Energy Efficiency

Defective faucet. Water Waste

We often don’t realize how wasteful our lifestyles can be. Some habits are hard to break, but doing so could be saving you on supply and energy. There are always ways you can decrease that pesky energy bill, and these plumbing tips can help you do exactly that! Stop Running the Tap This is probably one of the biggest habits … Read More

To Flush or Not to Flush

Curious Abyssinian Cat uses a toilet bowl

Out of sight out of mind, right? We come across so many gross garbage items in day to day life that it just seems so easy to flush it down the toilet. I mean, that’s where all the gross things of the world belong. Even items that seem so harmless can be detrimental to your pipes and sewer lines. Here … Read More

Protect Your Drains

Sink drain stopper clogged with a disgusting mass of hair and grime.

Clogged drains can quickly lead to disaster when left untreated. To avoid the expense of line replacement it’s important to take careful care of your drain lines. There are a few items that find their way down our drains all too often and reek havoc on your plumbing. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to avoid problems. Here is … Read More

Are You at Risk for Sewer Line Replacement

Closeup shot of man digging tree roots out of an old ceramic sewer pipe in a hole in the ground, pointing at the area where tree roots have invaded the joint in the pipe.

No one wants to have to see that dreaded backhoe tearing up their yard. Sewer line replacement can quickly turn into a dreaded and expensive task. In some circumstances this situation is unavoidable. Here are the main causes of sewer line problems and some tips on avoiding them when possible Tree Roots We all love having beautiful mature trees on … Read More

Water Heaters: What Can Go Wrong

Plumber repairing an hot-water heater

There are so many appliances in our homes that we rely so much upon. It can be such a nightmare when things go wrong. As a homeowner I have a long list of things I never want to have to deal with. But what about the luxuries we overlook? What would you do without your steaming morning shower? What if you … Read More

What Experts Are Saying About Drain Cleaning

photograph of a bust of a woman in blue work uniform making the sign all is well

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Drain Cleaning Drain cleaning is something that we all, as people who live in homes with drains, should be educated about. I don’t know about you, but I had some questions about it. Lucky for me, the local technicians at A-Pro Plumbing are professional, educated, and always ready to help! Here are just a few … Read More

3 Reasons Drain Cleaning Will Help You Lead A Superior Life

a clean kitchen sink drain with water running down it

I’ll be the first to admit, drain cleaning is not something I spend a lot of time thinking about. But having dirty, smelly, clogged drains can create problems for everyone. Often ignored and neglected, the drains are an integral element in the functionality of our homes. They are responsible for ridding our homes of that nasty wastewater in a clean, … Read More

The Ultimate Guide of Drain Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Plumber cleaning drain in bathroom with cable

Chances are that, unless you have just recently moved into a brand-spankin’ new house, you most likely have already experienced, or will experience issues with your plumbing system in the future. Over the years, your drain collects tidbits of hair, toothpaste, soap scum, and all kinds of other particles from your showers and sinks. All of that builds up and … Read More

When Should You Hire A Drain Cleaning Service

Plumber cleaning hair from drain in bathroom

The drains in your household work hard each and every day. It is crucial to the efficiency of your home’s plumbing system that your drains are clean and unclogged, but we know that cleaning them can be a gross, thankless job. There are a couple of different things that you can check for that illustrate a potential need to clean … Read More