3 Most Common Toilet Problems

Water Always Running Is your toilet water always running? If only you could just go catch it! The noise alone is enough to drive you crazy, but there’s also the climbing utility bill due to excessive water wasted. No need to wait until your bill skyrockets. You can fix your toilet problems in a snap. Your problem could be one … Read More

Well, Well, Water Well Pump

Getting your water from a private well has its benefits, but with that comes responsibility. Similar to owning a home; now that you’ve got something that is all your own, you need to be the one to take care of it. Well pumps need just as much attention as all the other plumbing in your home. Often our plumbing falls … Read More

Rusty Plumbing Mishaps

When you turn on your sink, you expect to see crystal clear water flowing at the perfect pressure. If that water is even slightly discolored, all sorts of alarms start going off in your brain. Even if the water is clear and you take a look under the sink and see orange, rusty plumbing you are bound to be concerned. … Read More

12 Ways to Avoid Frozen Pipes

It seems that winter hits like a brick wall. The holidays keep you busy enough without having to worry about a plumbing disaster. Get yourself ready for the long winter months before it’s too late. Here are 12 ways to prevent frozen pipes in your home.   1. Insulate Pipes Using wrap or tubular insulation is a quick and inexpensive … Read More

Camera Inspection Service: Plumbing Necessity

What Is a Camera Inspection Service The majority of your plumbing is buried deep below the surface. And I mean that literally. The larger sewage pipes are located beneath your home’s foundation. That means 4 to 5 feet of concrete and a couple feet of dirt. That is why video cameras have rapidly become the most valuable tools in the … Read More

6 Reasons to Get a Professional Drain Cleaning

You’ve done the plunging, the snaking and used drain cleaners, but have you ever had a professional drain cleaning? You don’t know what you’re missing. Let a pro come in to save you the hassle and the worry. Here are the six reasons to call your plumber today:   1. Pros Bring the Big Guns Face it, you just don’t … Read More

Plumbing Insulation: Winterize Your Home

You would think you only need to winterize temporary homes; like camp trailers that are going to sit unused all winter. The truth is, even your home needs extra protection before winter hits. Frozen pipes are not only an inconvenience, but a disaster waiting to happen. Before winter hits,(and hits hard) stock up on some trendy sweaters and educate yourself … Read More

Hard Water: Hard on Plumbing

Hard water occurs naturally, but has some harmful effects on your household. We all know that hard water clings to our appliances making it a nightmare to clean. But did you know that hard water can be hard on your skin, hair, clothes, and even your plumbing?   What is Hard Water Hard water is caused by high amounts of … Read More

Water Quality in East Idaho

The soil here is Eastern Idaho is Amazing! The fertile rich soil is the perfect blend of minerals and nutrients to produce our world famous Idaho Potatoes! The minerals in the ground unfortunately make their way into our water supply, whether you get your water from a city supply or a well these minerals make our water hard. Hard water … Read More

Getting Changes in Water Pressure?

How’s the water pressure in your home? Is it time to do something about it? If you flush the toilet and it impacts your shower water pressure, if you have leaky pipes, if you have plugged up faucets and shower heads, or your water is brownish, or orangeish, or some other color as it comes out of your spigot we … Read More