12 Ways to Avoid Frozen Pipes

It seems that winter hits like a brick wall. The holidays keep you busy enough without having to worry about a plumbing disaster. Get yourself ready for the long winter months before it’s too late. Here are 12 ways to prevent frozen pipes in your home.


1. Insulate Pipes

Using wrap or tubular insulation is a quick and inexpensive way to protect your pipes from freezing up on you and cutting off your water supply.

2. Drip Faucets

Running water through pipes keeps them from freezing. Keeping your faucets dripping is a good way for you to keep movement and prevent freezing. Pay special attention to both cold and hot water, they run from separate pipes.

3. Open Cabinets

If the pipes under the sink seem to be getting too chill, open up the cabinets and let the heat from your home work its magic. It can be that easy to avoid frozen pipes.

4. Inspect Foundation

A cracked or otherwise compromised foundation will let the cold air into your basement or crawl space. Have your foundation looked at to make sure everything is in order before winter rears its ugly head.

5. Prepare Sprinkler System

When you shut your sprinkler system down for the year, take the proper precautions. Make sure all the water is drained from the lines. You can do this by blowing compressed air through the lines.

6. Windows

Obviously to keep your home insulated properly you need to keep windows closed. Consider weather stripping your basement windows as well to keep your plumbing extra protected this season.

7. Hoses

Drain your garden hoses and store them in a safe, less than freezing environment.

8. Exterior Faucets

Protect your faucets by covering or insulating them. And don’t forget to check for leaks.

9. Leaks

Do a quick check for leaking pipes. While not all of your plumbing is visible, you may need to bring in the pros for a pre-winter inspection.

10. Garage

Keep your garage door closed as often as possible during the winter. If you have struggled with those areas in the past consider adding extra insulation to the garage door.

11. Consistent Temperature

Keep the house at a consistent temperature day and night. Or at least keep the changes subtle. A lot of folks like to keep their homes cool in the day while they are away. Just don’t cool the house down too much. Drastic temperature changes could lead to frozen pipes.

12. Vacation

When you leave on vacation it’s only natural that you want to save a little money on the power bill by knocking down the heat. Be sure you don’t keep it any colder that 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


A Pro Plumbing is here to help you with all of your winter plumbing preparations. We are happy to help with inspections, repairs and insulation to make sure you are ready for this winter. Request your appointment online today or simply give us a call. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority.