5 Summer Plumbing Problems to Avoid

I live for the beautiful changing of the seasons here in Idaho. With our long, painful winters, summer is such a short lived treat. We have to savor it. Make sure your house is ready for the beautiful summer season, so you can spend all your time enjoying it. Because when it comes to summer plumbing: April showers can bring on things much darker than May flowers.

The seasons really do change everything. Not only the change in the weather, but the change of lifestyle. The kids are home, your diet has completely changed, and your sprinkler systems are all fired up. Our seasons change so rapidly around these parts that it can take a real toll on the plumbing, inside and out. Summer plumbing is a category all its own. Here are five of the most common summer plumbing problems you should keep a look out for:

  1. Clogs Galore:

    Clogs don’t always have a season, they can hit you at anytime. However, summer is a special case. Summer gets a little wild with the kids home from school. Your toilets are working overtime. Make sure the kids remember that small amounts of toilet paper go a long way, and that flushing toys or random objects is strictly forbidden. And don’t forget the pets! Do your best to wash the dog outside if you can. The winter coat is shedding and washing your pets in the bathtub will quickly clog those drains.

  2. Washing Machine Mayhem:

    Toilets aren’t the only things working overtime. Kids must have some sort of radar to find the biggest messes. It can be desert dry, and they will somehow still find a mud puddle. Washing machines also get left unattended a lot in the summer. Who can blame you? You should at least get to soak the sun up a little for yourself. Just make sure to periodically check the hoses on the back of your machine for any cracking or leaks.

  3. Backed up Sewer Line:

    Do you know what April showers really bring? Sewage back ups. Yeah, I know, ‘May flowers’ is a much prettier picture. Those hard pouring rains really soak into the ground. This can cause the ground to shift, even just a little, and lead to cracked pipes. Even if the crack is small enough to not cause major catastrophe; dirt can still seep in and clog, clog, clog.  Getting an inspection definitely can’t hurt, but at least make sure you are on the look out for anything suspicious. Better to catch a problem, before it becomes a problem.

  4. Tired Garbage Disposals:

    Why is it that our waste seems to quadruple in the summer? You would think with all the time we spend outside, eating from our gardens and drinking from the hose, that we would reduce our heaping amounts of garbage. Garbage disposals get seriously overworked in the summer. Plus, it’s easy to forget what we can and can’t dispose. I get so excited for the plethora of fruits and veggies that are finally in season. You should enjoy to your hearts content! Just remember that any fiborous foods should not go through your disposal (ie: celery, corn husks and cobs, banana peels, pits, etc.).

  5. Dead Sprinkler Heads:

    The sprinklers come up and the lawn mowers come out. And for the unlucky ones, it happens at the same time! A broken sprinkler head is no fun, but luckily it’s an easy fix! Whether it be from the blades of your mower, or simply wear and tear of the season changing- you need to check for broken heads. A broken sprinkler can lead to water loss, dry patches on your lawn, and even flooding.

A Pro Plumbing is home to your Idaho Falls Summer Plumbing experts! Give us a call to come inspect your pipes and make sure you are ready to enjoy the season, worry free. And don’t forget we are available for emergency services 24/7. We want you enjoying every minute of summer before it’s gone! Contact us and request your appointment today so you can get back to your summer fun.