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Licensed Idaho Falls Plumbers

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Plumbing Services in Idaho Falls, ID

When it comes to plumbing, communication is key.

Now, that might sound odd. Your mental image of a local Idaho Falls plumber is probably someone crouched under your kitchen sink and grunting orders at their apprentice.

If that’s what you’re used to, then you might be surprised to hear our plumbers asking you several questions about your plumbing problem. That’s all just part of our process: finding out what happened, why it happened, and preventing it from ever happening again.

Communication doesn’t end with the job, either. A Pro Plumbing Inc. is a company dedicated to serving the residents of Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas, and that means being there for you when you need us. Most of all, we want to be upfront and direct about the things that matter most to you:

  • Upfront pricing and flat rates on all services.
  • Availability 24/7 for any of your plumbing emergencies.
  • Our highly-skilled plumbers always arriving on time in a fully stocked truck.
  • Only using products and equipment with the best warranties.

Our goal is to ensure that your problems don’t repeat themselves. If we did any less than our best in that regard, we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Contact us anytime for your plumbing needs in Idaho Falls. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority!

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The People Who Choose A Pro Your Satisfaction and Peace of Mind Comes First

I was very happy with the service I got from APro. I'd definitely call them again.

- Ralph J

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We Don't Sleep Until the Problem is Fixed


If it has to do with plumbing, you can count on us. From common plumbing issues to complete new construction plumbing, we can help install main or repair any aspect of your system. It doesn’t matter if it’s the bathroom and kitchen or if it’s the main water line, we have the tools and expertise to help.

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Drain and Sewer

No one is unfamiliar with a clogged drain—we can help with that. But if you want to stop those clogs from ever happening again, what you need is thorough drain cleaning. We don’t use harmful chemicals, but the best in plumbing technology to clear out your drains and sewers. From drain cleaning to sewer line replacement, A Pro Plumbing Inc. has you covered.

Learn More About Drain and Sewer

Water Heaters

Water heaters are one of our most precious home appliances, but one that is easily taken for granted. Fortunately, we can repair, install, or replace several types of water heaters. Not only can we service your standard tank and tankless water heaters, but also heat pump water heater and solar water heaters.

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Water Treatment Systems

Water is a sacred resource, but one that can become contaminated if we aren’t careful. Contaminated water can damage our plumbing or affect our health, but luckily, there are measures we can take to prevent that. Thanks to a range of water treatment systems, we can soften your water or free it from contaminants.

Learn More About Water Treatment Systems


Commercial plumbing is on a whole other league from residential plumbing. You need work that can conform with standards and policies, serve potentially hundreds of people in a day without breaking down, and can remain sanitary through a range of potential commercial applications. Contact us to learn more about our commercial plumbing services.

Learn More About Commercial

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